Soft orthoses

Dynamic soft orthosis or functional orthosis

The use of functional orthosis joint to stabilise the deformation or limb and contractures preventive method is available for most neurological or orthopedic symptomatic customers.

Partitioning normal gypsum or placing in a rigid immobilise joint can lead to skin damage and change muscles, joints, ligaments and links with passive due to weak, give rise to a position may also blood supply and lymph circulation disorders.

Functional orthosis, by contrast, stabilises, the necessary place, but allows muscles to work part-time and, therefore, to avoid the formation of the muscular atrophy. The manufacture of used for “breathing” (airy) glass fibers and glass fiber duct tape materials. These tapes are activated water or in contact with air and are stiffening 3-5 minutes, and therefore there is no need to take a long gypsum patient procedure. Also the functional cast light weight and just removable, allowing the user to take care of your skin.

Are irreplaceable functional orthosis also today be suffering from posttraumatic in rehab where achilles surgery there to fix the hard gypsum tear or an orthopedic boot can be replaced by an easy and individually manufactured glass fiber splint.