Complaint resolution form


  1. Management board is responsible for the operation of the complaints procedure and the investigation of complaints;
  2. Anonymous complaints will not be processed;
  3. Complaint will be registered on a form (annex);
  4. Receiving of complaints:
  • Complaint by phone:
  • – Administrator on the phone must collect enough data to fill part 1 and 2 of the complaint resolution form. Caller must be made aware of the complaint resolution procedure. Within a day, the complaint must be forwarded to management board.
  • Written complaint (letter, e-mail):
  • – Written complaint is forwarded to management board for further processing. Board member fills part 2 of the form.
  • Oral complaint:
  • – Institution’s personnel is obliged to solve problems within their competence. If a solution to a problem cannot be found during conversation, the complaint resolution form’s part 1 and 2 must be filled in and forwarded to management board within a day.
  1. Processing of complaint:
  • Client’s complaint will be processed within the time frame of 10 working days. If a full response cannot be given at that time, the complainant will be informed about it. The investigation and written resolution should not take longer than 30 working days in total.
  • Management board starts the investigation of complaint or delegates the task to other employee.
  • Investigator examines the circumstances of the appeal. If necessary, written statements from people involved are obtained.
  • If the complaint is directed against an employee of an institution, he must be made acquainted with the exact content of the complaint so he could explain his side of the story. A person must be made aware of his rights to get support from labour union in case the appeal leads to disciplinary actions.
  • The Complaints Manager will prepare a written response to the complainant, which summarises the nature and substance of the complaint, describes the investigation and summarises its conclusions. The response will inform the complainant of their right to ask the Health Commission for an independent review of their complaint if they are unhappy with the response provided.
  1. During investigation all written statements and interviews must be documented and added to final report what must include:
  • – filled complaint resolution form
    – complainant’s name and personal data
    – personal data of people involved
    – summary of the complaint
    – measures taken into account
    – complaint related correspondence
    – complaint’s status (completed or on appeal)
  1. Final report about the complaint will be kept for 2 years.