BioNess is intended for a stroke, the spinal cord damage or other diseases affecting central nervous system caused by long-term rehabilitation treatment and rehabilitation to improve. Status quo will play an important role in electronic stimulator orthoses and functional units.

Adeli Eesti Ltd physical therapy was awarded the International Rehabilitation Center in 2012 BioNessi certificate equipment NESS H200 wireless and NESS L300 patient matching and the settings.

BioNess founded in 2004 in the United States. BioNessi products have received a lot of positive feedback; user feedback also the survey findings indicate neuroortooside positive therapeutic effect. BioNessi equipment approved by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Ness H200 Wireless. Recommends neurological diseases rehabilitation to use the Occupational Therapists Association (AOTA).

An advantage compared to other functional BioNessi elektrostimulationes is a relatively simple flexibility and possibility to use throughout the day. After the electrodes are suitable for points is for the first time by a specialist can be patient further defined in the appliance put itself easily and quickly. If the device is fitted to the position of the electrode there is no need to be corrected and the patient may be several hours to focus on their activities of daily living.
Secondly, is a major advantage of a lack of external cables; wires are located inside the device communication 30.08 Partitioning remote place wirelessly, due to which the use of the products when making activities of daily living, BioNessi is considerably more comfortable for the patients as amended.

Bioness produces three types of equipment:

-NESS H200 Wireless, is suitable for muscles paresis patients;


-NESS L300, is suitable for patients who have a problems with the “hanging foot” and beyond reach in the knee;

-NESS L300 plus, is suitable for patients who have a problem of weakness in the muscles of the thigh;


Bioness, Ness H200 Wireless is muscles-wrist neuroorotoos and combines the electronic stimulator orthoses and functional characteristics. The device is intended for paralyzed muscles disturbed or lost in order to improve the function. Partitioning on exposed interior surfaces are electrodes stimulate nerves and muscles, which make it possible to fingers gripping movement, their stroke and fingers slowing down. Thumb movement of stimulating electrode will help to achieve in addition the hold of adults. As soon as possible in order to achieve a good result sets the NESS H200 Wireless separately for each user and according to their individual needs.

NESS H200 Wireless is suitable for neurological damage and cervical spine injury to renewable and various central nervous system for persons suffering from adverse diseases patients. Partitioning is possible so use a tool for training. Different training programs make it possible to seizing and snap fingers requiring performing exercises, which in turn helps out of the activity-based learning” without damaging to us aggravation of a new generation of communities. This type of training will help to increase recovers muscle strength, and to reduce spastilisust sensitivity. When used for the day-to-day activities orthoses feature makes it possible for the use of work equipment and various manipulation of entry.

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