Our goal is to provide clients healthy rehabilitation and/or medical rehabilitation services. This includes a needs assessment tools, consulting and sales.
The catalyst has a content of a service, if the evaluation:

  1. Human activity limitations due to a special assessment for home, study or work environment;
  2. The ability to support operational planning tools in cooperation with the customer;
  3. The particular catalyst and catalyst to recommend the company’s products.

We mediate the following tools:

  1. Atlant load costumes(Dynaforce, Russia)
  2. Bioness pareetilistele hands (USA)
  3. Mobile soolanebulaiserid(Polar Healt OY,Finland)
  4. Residential and small appliances.

For further information and prise list question please send an e-mail

Our center has a close cooperation with equipment firms Invaru OÜ ja Ortoosimeister OÜ .