Interface pressure measurement system

Interface pressure measurement system (IPMS) is used to help determine wheelchair user’s pressure distribution to properly determine and fit a seating system. Pressure mapping technology is an evaluation tool that consists of a computer, pressure mapping software, a flexible sensor pad, an electronics unit, and a power source.õhk.jpg

Correct sitting position and pressure redistribution help prevent pressure ulcers that most often develop on a bony area of the body which has little fat to pad it and only a thin covering of flesh, such as sacrum, coccyx, ischial tuberosities and greater trochanters.

Benefits of pressure mapping for a wheelchair user:

  • Diagnostic abilities – When patients sits on a map, you can immediately see problem areas of too much pressure. This helps prevent skin sores and tissue breakdown or speed up the healing process.
  • Equipment justification – System shows the effectiveness of a cushion for a specific patient.
  • Posture correction – Pressure mapping evaluates the effect of postural supports like footrest heights, back supports etc. on pressure distribution and shows how different sitting postures affect pressure points.
  • Patient education – Seeing actual pressure points helps increase patient’s understanding and compliance.