Rehabilitation service is designed to improve a person’s independent living, working or work to encourage and increase the participation in society.

A disabled child, the aim is to contribute to a child’s development and education, support for working-age people entering or staying in work readiness, improve independent coping of elderly person.

Our center provides rehabilitation services:

· disabled children and adults;

· 16 years of age until retirement age with mental special needs people whose incapacity for work is at least 40%.

Rehabilitation service context:

· assess the need for rehabilitation services, counseling and rehabilitation services for the purpose of explaining and opportunities and to be prepared a personal rehabilitation plan (adult validity of 6 months to 5 years, children 6 months to a term of up to three years);

· the rehabilitation plan are provided by services;

· instruct on how to carry out the activities described in the rehabilitation plan;

· in case of need interim carried out evaluations;

· assess the effectiveness of the rehabilitation process.

· also assess the need for a catalyst, and are taught to use tool.

Rehabilitation service to apply for the request must be submitted to your local Social Insurance agency customer.

The applicant shall end after receipt of the referral to a rehabilitation institution contacted (telephone, e-mail or other means) within 21 days of receipt of the order to register with the service of queue.

Rehabilitation services are:

  • a personal rehabilitation plan compilation;
  • supervising the implementation of the rehabilitation plan;
  • rehabilitation plan for improvement and evaluation of results;
  • physiotherapist service (individual, family consulting and group work);
  • occupational therapist (individual, family consulting and group work;
  • creative therapist service (individual, family consulting and group work);
  • social service (individual, family consulting and group work);
  • special education teacher service (individual, family consulting and group work);
  • psychologist service (individual, family consultinand group work);
  • speech therapy service (individual, family sessions and group work);
  • medical service (individual);
  • nurse service (individual, family consultinand group work);
  • experience advisor service (individual, family consultinand group work).

Payment for the services

Framework of the rehabilitation services provided are listed Government Regulation 256 added. The regulation also establishes the amount of the services to be provided during a one calendar year.

Rehabilitation of the service submit the service provider the Social insurance agency of the bill, who pays for the services of rehabilitation institution.

Accommodation of expenses

Rehabilitation services provided under too hosting – rehabilitation institutions enabling provision of rehabilitation services during their stay together serve of food is once a day. The rest of meals and other expenses must be paid by the person. Customer payment rates may vary rehabilitation institutions. Our center is the customer’s payment is fixed at 50 € per week.

In addition to the rehabilitation of the service recipient shall be reimbursed for accommodation expenses on the same basis in less than a 16-year-old child to the sender.

Transportation expenses

If a person’s place of residence and rehabilitation service providers established in different municipalities, the state will compensate expenses in rehabilitation services to the beneficiary and, where appropriate, to the sender’s (parent, spouse, caregiver or other helper).

Expenses of travelling is necessary, after receiving rehabilitation services to submit a request for residence of the Social insurance office’s customer service.

The application must be accompanied by the cost of supporting documents – tickets, fuel receipts, taxi invoices and so on. (link request