Services price list

Patients can also visit our center with a doctor’s referral, which is financed through the Teraapiafond.

Price list since 01.02.2024

SERVICES’ FEES Price (eur)
Pediatric neurologist (primary appointment) 65,00€
Pediatric neurologist (secondary appointment) 25,00€
Adult neurologist (primary appointment) 65,00€
Adult neurologist (secondary appointment) 25,00€
Rehabilitation physician (primary appointment) 60,00€
Rehabilitation physician (secondary appointment) 25,00€
Analysis (price according to the price list of the institution conducting the research)
Physiotherapist (primary appointment) 45,00€
Physiotherapist (secondary appointment) 35,00€
Lymphatic therapy (the cost of compression materials is added to the price, the customer can also bring their own materials) 50,00€
Compression materials (size S) 38,00€
Compression materials (size M) 45,00€
Compression materials (size L) 50,00€
Compression materials (size XL) 63,00€
Kinesiotaping 15,00€
Cost of the tape 2,50€
Apparatus physiatry
Electrical stimulation 12,00€
Electrical stimulation 5x 48,00€
Tens electrodes for electrical stimulation 8,40€
Magnetic therapy 12,00€
Magnetic therapy 5x 48,00€
Iontophoresis 12,00€
Darsonvalization 12,00€
Laser treatment 12,00€
Laser treatment 5x 48,00€
Ultrasound treatment 12,00€
Ultrasound treatment 5x 48,00€
Salt treatment 7,00€
Heat treatment 12,00€
Heat treatment 5x 48,00€
Mud therapy (25 min) 17,25€
Infant massage (up to 1 year) 12,50€
Infant massage (up to 1 year) 5x 50,00€
Pediatric massage (ages 1-12) 14,00€
Pediatric massage (ages 1-12) 5x 56,00€
Face massage 18,00€
Massage (25 min) 28,50€
Massage (50 min) 51,00€
Massage (25 min) 5x 95,00€
Primary appointment (including assessment, family counseling) 45,00€
Secondary appointment 35,00€
Primary appointment (assessment) 65,00€
Secondary appointment 50,00€
Speech test 160,00€
Complex speech therapy examination 144,00€
Speech therapeutic massage 30,00€
Primary appointment (assessment) 50,00€
Secondary appointment 42,00€
Developmental assessment (on the basis of Strebeleva’s test) 100,00€
CREATIVE THERAPY (art, dance therapy)
Primary appointment (assessment) 50,00€
Secondary appointment 45,00€
Primary appointment (assessment) 80,00€
Secondary appointment (assessment) 70,00€
Family counseling 80,00€
Pediatric psychologist (primary appointment) 80,00€
Pediatric psychologist (secondary appointment) 70,00€
Clinical psychologist (primary appointment) 100,00€
Clinical psychologist (secondary appointment) 85,00€
Assessment of cognitive abilities (including school maturity test) 250€
Other services
Preparation and issuance of a certificate (if a document outside the treatment case is requested) 96,00€+km / h
Issuance of a certificate 6,00€
Paraffin treatment for hands 18,00€
Electroneurography (120min) 160,00€
Vibration therapy (20 min) 18,00€
Vibration therapy (20 min) 5x 80,00€
Single ticket to the swimming pool
Adult 6,00€
Student/pensioner 4,00€
Pre-school child (up to 6 years old) 2,00€
10 times a ticket to the swimming pool
Adult 45,00€
Student/pensioner 32,00€
Physiotherapy groups
Physiotherapy in the pool 12,00€
Physiotherapy in the pool 5x 57,00€
Physiotherapy in the pool 10x 108,00€
Physiotherapy in the hall 8,50€
Physiotherapy in the hall 5x 40,40€
Physiotherapy in the hall 10x 76,50€