Salt nebulizer user manual

Salt treatment is used to treat respiratory, as traditionally asthma and allergies, etc. The Patented Polar salty bulaiseris collide grain of salt (NaCl) a stream of air against each other and are as a result of this fine salt dust. During the lungs breathing salt particles spread and to a natural cleaning reaction.

The best treatment is achieved by 10-30 session density 1-3 times a day. One of the procedure lasts for depending on age and degree of disease 15-60 minutes.

In addition, for example in the evening to let bedroom air to breathe salt dust. As a result the air electronically connection with salt particles, which have a treatment effect.

Before start-up:
One before you use the appliance to work on a new 2-3 hours empty without salt. During this time a new device can be distinguished and packaging are going with aromas.

  1. Open the generator dome.
  2. Put 1 – 2 tea spoons clean and dry salt (NaCl) network capsule.
  3. Place the generator in a dome in place.
  4. Place the funnel chest breathing.
  5. Switch off the device by turning off a switch check.

Salt consumption in one treatment session 0,1-0,5 g. After the procedure must be in the network of the capsule clear of salt. This salt can be used again, but it must be pre-dried (advisable to heat the skillet).

It is recommended that you use the device for medical purposes intended to clean the dried salt (NaCl). As a result, it is the correct inhalation dose of salt content in exhaled air, as well as ensure the smooth operation of the device.