Rehabilitation work basic principles

The main objective of our activities to improve the working-capability of children, adolescents and adults/brain injury with people deprived of freedom of movement and capacity to work and quality of life.
Therefore, it is the center’s mission reads as follows “Adeli Eesti Ltd International Rehabilitation Center mission is to help people with reduced mobility in my life as soon as possible and in full independently handle”.
In order to achieve the objective referred to the best of the principles that are below the brief described.

Enforcement of the aim is to help people to achieve control over their lives, notice and acknowledge the efforts of opportunities, gifts, capabilities, competence, alive and constructive values and future plans to give people a chance to try to organise their own life.

Enforcement if the approach and concept of change in coming to the 1990s. The term ‘enforcement” is due in english comes from “empowerment”.

This includes the patient in the area of rehabilitation and his cronies/community oriented activities, the principle and organization, with the aim of visible human characteristics, skills and sector should have the capacity to work with the client process in a consistent manner and to be aware of how important it is that people make my life baasilisi decisions themselves.

In the light of the principle is the best if the patient when leaving from our service will take knowing that he is with a life a specialist and experience to be able to organise their own life.

Provision of rehabilitation service process is very important in the customer contact with a similar experience with people, enabling different forms of communication and communication.

Adeli Eesti Ltd one of the core values of Estonia Rehabilitation Center is care. This means that the customer is a continuous way to communicate with all team members on the principle of partnership, and he is being questioned and is guided. A small business center in the so-called homely atmosphere, where it is possible to feel comfortable and at home, where it is possible to communicate with the other customers actively, and in particular during stationary external services department. Such atmosphere for that customer feel free. Feel free to participate in such an atmosphere of the whole process actively to come with you.

What is about this daily relationship with a client involvement and his political advisers to support the customer’s independence and return to work. Client feels day-to-day as a partner, not rehabilitation process passive part.