Psychological services

The goal of psychological services is to improve client’s motivation, social interaction and quality of life; to evaluate and support client’s emotional, cognitive and social capabilities; to assess children’s behaviour, emotional development, mental capabilities and readiness for school.

Our center offers the following psychological services:

Assessment of children’s behaviour, mental development and readiness for school (PEP-R, NEPSY, J. STREBELEVA’s tests). Individual counselling based on test results.

Evaluation of adult’s mental capabilities (LOTCA, CERAD), achievement motivation, psychogenic needs and social inclusion (CMPS, WRI).

Psychological counselling and psychotherapy (NLP).

Nutrition and diet counselling. At the heart of a healthy lifestyle is good nutrition. The dietitian works with an individual to assess his or her usual dietary intake and identify areas where change is needed. The nutritionist provides information, educational materials, support and follow-up to help the individual make and maintain the needed dietary changes.

Neuropsychological Rehabilitation Programs for cognitive remediation (FORAMEN).
FORAMEN is a tool for cognitive rehabilitation to be used as a part of a holistic neuropsychological rehabilitation approach. The programs are based on the models and theories of brain functioning and recovery. It is tailored for adults suffering from brain injuries. Due to the variability of the tasks the software can also be used with children with acquired or developmental disorders.