Mission, vision, core values

Our mission is to assist people with disabilities to achieve independence, self-reliance and full community participation.

Adeli Rehabilitation Center’s characteristics, based on our core values:

  • Client-centered – Clients’ wishes, interests and goals are of main importance to us. Client is a member of the team and is involved in every stage of service provision.
  • Innovative – We are open to new ideas to promote institutional and organisational development. We are applying world-renowned methodologies and practices.
  • Goal-oriented – Motivating and instructing the client and his family is the key element to attain positive treatment results and reach patient’s goals.
  • Professional – We are constantly learning and developing to keep up to date with our field. Our team has good theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • Open-minded – We are pleased to inform our personnel, clients, business partners about different services, activities and innovations.
  • Caring – We care about our patients. We care about each other. Compassionate attitude encourages patient to take active part in his recovery.

Our vision is to become the nation’s leading outpatient rehabilitation center, providing specialized rehabilitation services for people with movement disorders. We wish to gain recognition within clients and specialists of neighbouring countries (Russia, Latvia, Lithuania).

To accomplish the above-mentioned, we have in our center:

  • Possibility for disabled people to get full rehabilitation service from initial assessment to return to work plan
  • Possibility to objectively measure rehabilitative results and to give evidence-based feedback
  • Modern rehabilitative devices and technologies
  • International cooperation and exchange of best practices with other rehabilitation centers
  • International client base
  • Competency and training center for neighbouring countries