Our gratitude!

The project of Lokomat has been a long process, starting from year 2007, when Ms. Elle Kull responded to our dream to purchase Estonia’s first robot-assisted walking therapy device worth 3.5 million Estonian kroons. She started the charity campaign for fundraising.

Lokomat’s project was founded by Andres Herkel, Lauri Vahtre and Ott Lumi, whose support made it possible to pay the first deposit. By July 2008, the device was delivered to Estonia.

In 2009, the second payment of 1.36 million Estonian kroon’s was made with the help of NGO Heategevuskeskus, Estonian American Fund headed by Mr. Ago Ambrega, ETV, Kanal 2, AS Tridens, several civilians,, Frantsiskus OÜ headed by Mr. Tõnu Parmasto, AS Arco Vara, Elion your Mother’s day concert, Ericsson, EMT, Elisa, AS Kalev, many musicians with song concerts of Olav Ehala.

With the help of Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs and the Ministry of Finance, the last payment of 63000 euros was paid in full by the Swiss government.

We are grateful for all the good people in Estonia as well as abroad!

Training sessions with Lokomat take place every day throughout the week. The device is improving people’s ability to walk after disability caused by brain and spinal cord injuries, stroke, or other neurological or orthopedic conditions.

For patients and their families,

M.dr. Riina Kallaste