Physiotherapy helps patients with physical difficulties resulting from illness, injury, disability or ageing. Patients can include children, the elderly, stroke patients or people with sports injuries.

Physiotherapist thoroughly evaluates each patient to determine his or her needs, priorities and desired rehabilitative outcomes. Personalized treatment plan is created to help each individual reach the highest level of physical, cognitive, and emotional recovery.

Physiotherapy consists of various treatment approaches like exercise therapy, manual therapy, hands-on strengthening exercises and different passive modalities (e.g. ice, heat, ultrasound).

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Our center offers the following physiotherapy services:

Patient evaluation and consultation

Therapeutic exercise

Bobath/ Neuro-developmental treatment approach

Atlant costume treatment (neuro-orthopedic costume)

Lokomat – functional robotic gait therapy


RedCord therapy and suspension training method

Passive physical modalities

Functional electrical stimulation (FES)

‎         Advice on disability aids and equipment

Interface pressure measurement system