Rehabilitation plan compilation

Rehabilitation services for the first time going to be drawn up for each person (if necessary, with the participation of members of the family) personal rehabilitation plan.

The rehabilitation plan is the person himself or his legal representative, drawn up with the active participation of a written document. It will report on activities of the person’s ability, assistance, guidance or supervision. It also sets out the independent coping and social inclusion of the necessary activities.

The rehabilitation plan drawn up rehabilitation team , which is composed of at least five different professional specialists: social workers, rehabilitation doctor, psychologist, occupational psychologist-counselor, special education teacher, physical therapist, occupational therapist.

The rehabilitation plan will be based on a comprehensive rehabilitation purposes. In addition to rehabilitation services provided in other recommendations, and assessments example: social services, the need for assistive devices, market services of working.

Rehabilitation of providing only those services that are specified in the rehabilitation plan.

Our center is a rehabilitation plans every wednesday from 8:00 till 14:00.

Coming in preparing the plan can enroll by telephone 6544840 or e-mail or in the form create service .

To register, be sure to notify the Social insurance agency issued by referral number. Assignment shall be valid. If you are already registered with another institution queue, it must be before the end of the order of arrival of the service down.