Accommodation and catering

In our center, we have 7-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit.

Accommodation charges are provided in our price list.

Rehabilitation service for people with state health insurance is partly covered by state financing. Extra fee of 50 euros per week (from 01.11.2015) is charged to cover the cost of catering that exceeds the state funding. In the evening, patients are allowed to use the center’s exercise equipment.

P.S. In our center, it is not possible to accommodate patients in need of nursing service or special-needs patients without individual carer.

There is a twenty-four-hour surveillance in our inpatient unit. In case of problems (including medical-ones), don’t hesitate to contact our personnel.

When coming in for treatment, please make sure you have the following: personal items and clothing, personal hygiene and care supplies, indoor shoes and sportswear.
We recommend taking with you: books, laptop or radio (preferably with headphones).
The possession and consumption of alcohol and drugs is not allowed.


Before coming in for treatment, your special dietary requirements (whether you’re a vegetarian, diabetic or have food intolerance, allergies) will be specified by our administrator.

The cafeteria on the ground floor is open on weekdays 9.00-16.00.